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Caden Frazier

Minister of Music

Caden Frazier is the minister of music at Montalba Baptist Church, where he has faithfully

served since 2014. He was raised at Montalba Baptist, attending every church function and

service he could until he felt the call to serve in the capacity of music minister. Caden

picked up the guitar at the age of 14 and began playing in church by age 16. He now serves

in as many ways as he can at the church.

In addition to his service to Montalba, Caden has also found opportunities to minister to

surrounding churches by singing and playing his guitar. Caden has been married to his

wife Kaydence for less than a year and they are expecting their first baby.

Caden had the opportunity to spend his first semester of college at Southwestern Baptist

Theological Seminary at the School of Church Music, and he is currently studying at

Liberty University to gain his Bachelor’s degree in English.

Caden Frazier
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